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For casting non-wax originals or making duplicates, we provide precision mold-making services. We use a durable silicone and urethane rubber to make long-lasting and high-detail molds reinforced with plaster or polymer mother molds for the production of one or many editions.


We prepare all wax patterns with individually engineered gating systems designed for the delivery of molten metal to the piece. 


We use two different mold systems for casting metal. The ceramic shell mold we use is a state-of-the-art material adapted to deliver the highest detail possible. The bonded sand molding we use delivers quality results for individual castings or multiples and editions. 


Chicago Crucible specializes in bronze, aluminum, and iron casting with five different casting furnaces including a 300lbs bronze and 100lbs aluminum capacity per melt tilt furnace and a flexible fuel coke or propane fired cupola continuous melter capable of producing 120+lbs of iron every 7 minutes. 


We provide complete metal finishing services including fabrication, chasing, and polishing. We offer traditional patinas as well as colored lacquers and metal stains. Indoor or outdoor sealants are also available to finish all metal surfaces. 


We fabricate custom foundry fixtures and tools for commercial foundries, teaching facilities, and personal or hobbyist use. Every fixture is design specifically for the needs of the client.  

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